Nehemiah House

Words :

Samuel Han


Samuel Han

The Nehemiah House is a community house located in the Pico-Union neighborhood near downtown Los Angeles. It houses interns for local Christian ministries, providing resources for the neighborhood and local church, such as community dinners and youth mentoring. Together, the interns create a family that teaches love, work to extinguish the tension between cultural discrepancies, meet the needs of the underprivileged, and provide a home for the homeless and for the home-insecure.

I came to the house as a stranger with a camera, observing the liveliest nights and quietest days. The community quickly responded, warmly inviting me into their lives. We exchanged stories and shared meals and late-night adventures in downtown. By the end of my weeklong stay, I was a part of their family and the pictures became about my own experience as much as the lives of the people improved by the Nehemiah House.