Dinner’s Ready

Directed by & Starring :

Palmo Farber & Aminah Ibrahim

Video & Production:

Emily Perkins-Rock


Aminah Ibrahim

Remember your favorite home-cooked meal? Can you taste it? Now savor it. Revel in the memory.

Maybe the dish you have in mind is your dad’s invention, the haphazard yet delicious result of his crafty college days.

Perhaps, the dish is an old family heirloom, passed down lovingly from your great grandmother to your mother, who makes it her own with a special added touch of spice.  

Maybe it is a quick dish—familiar, comforting and delectable. Or, perhaps the meal is elaborate, laborious even—an intricate reflection of your home and how you were raised.

We tend to think of the home-cooked meal as predictable. It has been unfairly relegated to a less glamorous occasion than dinner at the next “it” restaurant claiming “progressive LA cuisine”.

Yet, it is especially home cooked meals, untethered to the pressures of profit, that is a fruitful space for innovation. The meal has a life of its own: ever-changing and adapting to the whims of the cook, their influences (regional and beyond), the environment and the ingredients available to them.

This video series is a celebration and contemplation of the homemade meal in its many iterations, across the sprawling, intensely diverse mosaic that is Los Angeles and its people.

So, what are you waiting for?

Dinner’s ready!

Episode 1:

Episode 2: