Contact is the first step to understanding. Ipso facto, we are currently seeking UCLA students who are interested in making contact with culture. And then writing about it. Or photographing it. Or building a platform for voices to bring attention to those stories that need to be heard. Scroll to find the application and detailed descriptions of both general staff and leadership positions.

Applications for issue 7 are now closed.



Our contributors are committed to writing or collaborating on at least one story for the print magazine. The stories are self-assigned, meaning free range on anything the contributor is passionate about—whether that be personal, lyrical, journalistic, poetic, or anything in-betweem—it only requires an idea. Contributors will work with their corresponding section editor and photographer/illustrator to publish the most complete story possible. May contribute to the blog if desired. Must submit a story proposal.

Photographers collaborate with the photo editor to create a succinct and meaningful photo essay for the print magazine. May also pursue their own personal series for print or for on the blog. Videographers may pursue their own personal series to publish on the blog or work with other writers to document the magazine's process. Must submit a story proposal if interested in pursuing an independent photo essay. May also contribute to the blog.

A flexible and less committal position, blog contributors will meet once a week with the general staff, but will work with the online editor to determine a publishing schedule that suits their time commitment. The blog is open to any and all types of media.

Helps organize events in conjunction with the events coordinator. Duties involve setting up and curating parties and brainstorming new approaches to fundraising.

Will work with the creative director to produce one or all of the following depending on the designer's interest: the print magazine, online marketing tools, the website, the blog, t-shirts, or merchandise.


Finance team balances our budget and keeps tabs of expenses under the guidance of the finance manager. Position involves collaboration with the events team and sponsorship for raising and disbursing funds.

Works in coordination with writers/photographers for story-specific illustrations to the print magazine. Illustrators are welcome to pursue an illustrated essay, story or thoughtpiece—requires a story proposal. May also contribute to the blog.

Will work with the marketing director to produce marketing campaigns for events and releases for Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. Marketing team members are encouraged to suggest new ways of connecting with the public.

Executive Board


The assistant editor will work closely with the editor in chief to help with team and project management. They will provide extra oversight for the entire magazine operation. Must be hardworking, organized, and have excellent communication skills.


The events coordinator will lead our events team to plan the  magazine release, as well as fundraisers and staff socials. This coordinator is committed to scheduling meetings with the organization's SOLE advisor, filling out requisition forms, planning creative solutions, and covering the logistics for a release.

A Section Editor copy edits their section's writing for print in the magazine, provides guidance and feedback to members of their section, and works with the section to create a cohesive body of work for each issue. The section editor commits to attending editor meetings. This position does not require that the editor write a piece, though it is welcome.

The finance manager’s duties include filling out funding applications on behalf of the organization, filling out requisition forms, as well as creating and employing fundraising strategies.

The Photo Editor leads and works with all of the photographers to produce a photo essay meant for print in the magazine. They are in charge of curating and making final edits to all printed photos. The photo editor also commits to coordinating photographers and writers for each story. They will oversee videographer projects in coordination with the Creative Director.


The Assistant Online Editor will correspond with the Online Editor to oversee the blog team. Responsibilities include managing the publication schedule, editing drafts, and learning how to upload articles. Must be responsive, punctual, organized, and proficient in writing.

The marketing director will coordinate and execute all marketing campaigns for events, releases, and artist collaborations. A strong handle on social media and familiarity of copy writing are important. Experience in graphic design preferred as well.


The sponsorship director will manage communications between TPM and potential sponsors. They will obtain advertisements for the magazine as well as sponsors for the release and other events. Must be familiar and enthusiastic about TPM, have good communication skills, a professional demeanor, and good sales skills.

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NOTE—story proposals are required for both new and returning members. Applications are only required for new members, or returning members hoping to take on a new role. 
If you have any questions regarding the application please contact the Editor in Chief, Aaron Peretz at