Issue 9 Staff Positions

The Paper Mixtape is a collectively-operated magazine covering arts and culture in Los Angeles. We publish two printed magazines per school year and continuously post on our online outlet.

TPM is a cooperative first and foremost: We are by our members and for our members. That means that anyone on staff can cover events, use TPM press passes, sell their art at our bazaars, and digitally publish their work throughout the year, just to name a few perks. We ask that everyone attend the majority, if not all of our weekly meetings if they are able to. Additionally, since we are self-made, $$ are tight, so we expect around 5 hrs / issue of your time helping out with sales, bazaars, fundragers, baking, etc. It’s fun- you get to hang out with other cool creative UCLA people! Below are the descriptions of our currently open positions. Also, if you are interested in multiple positions, that is an option- if you think you can handle the commitment. Think you can be an asset to TPM and don’t see a description that quite fits you? We also have an option for that on the application.

General Staff


Submit a story proposal on our form as well as past work to our email. If chosen for print, contributors are to draft their piece, meet deadlines, and work with their section editor. Additionally, throughout the issue, we ask that each magazine contributor write at least one story for our blog.


Photograph for Issue 9. Throughout the issue, photographers are encouraged to create content for the TPM instagram, cover events for the blog, and pursue other creative projects in collaboration with others.


Bloggers are required to write at least one piece per quarter, as well as contribute to any collaborative pieces created by the blog team as a whole (generally 1-2 of these per quarter). Bloggers pitch ideas for pieces to their editors and work collaboratively with them to produce the final product. Since we're writing for the digital sphere, we keep pieces at a 1250 word maximum. Blog is open to all types of media, including video, photo, illustration, etc.


Create illustrated content for TPM’s printed issue, in tandem with other contributors. Additionally, illustrators design TPM merchandise, and content for online publication.


MAGAZINE DESIGNER: Design the print magazine in InDesign, under direction of the creative director.

BLOG WEBSITE DESIGNER: Create the website for The Paper Mixtape’s digital outlet. Assist with the transition from tumblr to the new platform.

EVENT GRAPHICS DESIGNER: Create graphics for our events to be posted on facebook and instagram throughout the course of Issue 9. Oftentimes these require a quick turn around, so be aware of that.


UCLA-BASED FUNDING: Help gain as much financial support from UCLA as possible. The tasks include filling out forms and advocating for TPM at finance meetings.

COMMUNITY FUNDING: Locate and acquire dollars from local businesses. This can take the form of advertisements, partnerships, or the retail sale of TPM.

FUNDRAISING TEAM: Organize, plan, and execute fundraisers for TPM in conjunction with the events team.

FINANCE TEAM MEMBER: Help get TPM as much money as possible by researching, contacting, and writing. Tasks will be given by the finance member and the finance team works together on projects.


ON-CAMPUS EVENTS: Brainstorm, design, and execute TPM events on UCLA’s campus, making sure to get administrative approval along the way. In the past, these have included thrift sales, release events, and concerts.

OFF-CAMPUS EVENTS: Plan, organize, and create off-campus events for TPM. These include: release parties, pop-up bazaars, thrift sales, fundraising parties, and concerts.

IN-HOUSE SOCIAL EVENTS: Create fun events for TPM staff! These can be as informal or as formal as you’d like- as long as they are fun for tpm staffers! In the past, we’ve done picnics at the Getty, cocktail parties, movie nights, etc.

EVENTS TEAM MEMBER: Help orchestrate our events! This includes coming up with new ideas, collaborating with others, and planning the events so they run seamlessly. Members are expected to help staff events as well, with other’s assistance.


INSTAGRAM MANAGER: Manage The Paper Mixtape Instagram and assist in producing marketing content, in conjunction with the marketing team. TPM instagram should be posting daily on stories and a few times per week, so this position requires consistency and organization.

FACEBOOK MANAGER: Manage The Paper Mixtape Facebook page, which posts events, promotes blog articles, etc. We aim to post a few times per week, so keep that in mind if you are interested in the position.

BRAND MANAGER: Manage The Paper Mixtape presence in Los Angeles. This includes getting our magazine in stores, collaborating with local brands and businesses, as well as digitally partnering with people, businesses, and more. Looking for an enthusiastic person, who is organized and committed.

MARKETING TEAM MEMBER: Create content, brainstorm marketing strategies, and collaborate with a variety of people in order to make TPM’s presence as large and positive as possible. Work with the events team on event creation and promotion as well as with contributors for marketing content.

Executive Board


Interested in being Editor in Chief next year? This is the perfect place to start! Assist the EIC in running TPM. Tasks are assorted and range from purchasing ice to sending emails. This position does require a few hours per week of time, as you will essentially be trained in the inner workings of TPM.


Direct on-campus, off-campus, and in-house social events teams. It is your responsibility to make sure our events get pulled off. Looking for a creative, energetic person who is willing to commit time to TPM to make our events the best they can be.


Work with magazine contributors on pieces through edits. Must be able to adhere to deadlines and edit in a collaborative manner.


Manage financing efforts. Work with events to create fundraisers and keep the finance team on track. Must be organized and consistent.


The Photo Editor leads and works with all of the photographers to produce a photo essay meant for print in the magazine. They are in charge of curating and making final edits to all printed photos. The photo editor also commits to coordinating photographers and writers for each story. They will oversee videographer projects in coordination with the Creative Director.


Maintain current TPM website. Lead the production of ‘s website. Brainstorm ways to expand TPM’s digital presence.


Lead marketing efforts on facebook and instagram. Create content, help TPM stay up to date and expand our digital network. Collaborate with contributors, brands, etc. for content.


The Assistant Creative Director will be working directly with the Creative Director to take over for Fall 2019. They will oversee magazine production, art direction, creative direction, print production, and managing designers and illustrators.